Thursday, November 11, 2010


I have decided to present my folio as an electronic book. I've decided to do these because I want it to be like a series of photos that tell a story. I am going to call it unexpected beauty because I don't think you look to a water reflection to see a really nice scenery.

Final folio Evaluation

Some of the troubles I had when taking these photos was:
- Weather. When looking for puddles it firstly had to rain to get these. Or I had to go to a river, lake, beach etc. During this semester it has rained a lot so that was good, but there were times I had to wait a long time for it to stop raining before I could go out and take photos.
Water currents- When taking photos at the beach or at rivers I had to watch out for currents in the water as they would make the photo look blurry. I had trouble with this often when I went to the beach and had to find places where the current was not strong.
- Brightness- I had to watch out for too much sunlight as I could have some photos turn out completely white. This meant I had to look for places and days that were not too sunny.
- Darkness- This was similar to brightness, but instead I had to try and find the medium between the two so that i could get the best photo. I had to make sure I was looking at the photos after I took them to make sure I took enough photos and got the best I could.

I decided to take photos of water reflections because I love the way that they portray different sceneries in a really unexpected place. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Final Folio photos

The last few weeks I have been looking at my photos and deciding on my favourite ones. These are the photos I picked for my final folio:

When deciding on my final photos I chose the ones which had the best reflection, most symmetric and the clearest ones.

Photo Editing

This week I chose some of my photos and had a look at editing them in Photoshop. I tried to see if I could change some of them to make the reflection stand out more or make the photo more brighter, etc.
These are some of the photos I equalized.
This photo became more bluer once it was equalized. I'm not sure if I want this to be mainly blue I think I'd rather all the colours to be evenly spread.

This photo became to bright and unrealistic.

I then tried making a few partially black and white; either the puddle or the background.

I think this one looks okay, but not really good. The puddle stands out, but I don't think it makes the photo better than the original.

I like this one the most, but it doesn't make the puddle stand out it makes it look dull.

I sought of like this one, but I think I like it a lot more in full colour.

This one just looks stupid, it is really unrealistic.

I also tried making part of this photo sepia.
I don't like what this effect did to the photo. The background looks really faded and although the reflection stands out it looks like it doesn't fit in.

I like how this photo turned out, but it still looks too edited and I want my photos to be more natural.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some good water reflections I found

I had a look on Google for water reflections and found some really good examples of what I would love to be able to capture in some of my photos.
I love the effect that they have used for this photo, It is really cool how the reflection is colour instead of the actual mountain.

This reminds me of the photo I took of the puddle and the arch relfection.
It is amazing how they captured the sky in this puddle.
I really love this photo because of the landscape and the reflection.

This one is great because of the texture of the road too.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Water reflections

For the holidays I went to the beach for a few days and thought I'd try and take some more water reflections. I tried most reflecting of lakes and the ocean, but tried to get different objects/scenes reflecting of them. 

I really like this photo because of the detailed reflection.

I really like these photos of the puddle, the sky has some really nice colours and the road is a good contrast to it.

These ones remind me of sepia photos. I like these few because of the colour of the puddle and the effect that has had on the reflection.